Through data and context-driven security
we monitor, alert and take the necessary
actions to protect you, your clients and
your data.




By combining smart tooling, data analysis and machine learning, we can build a security ecosystem that fits your needs. The tools talk to each other and change their methods based on what happens in and around your systems.

  • HoneyTrap

    High-interaction honeypot to trap malicious hackers by slowing down and identifying them when they enter your system.

  • SpamTrap

    Spam collection tool that identifies and raises the alarm on malware or phishing attempts.

  • Raven

    Real-time anomaly detection and alert service that identifies unauthorized or anomalous behavior in traffic and log data.



Naturally, we fix what’s broken. But we also believe in actively checking for vulnerabilities and analyzing incoming traffic to prevent new security incidents.

  • ANAM

    Mass scanning tool that discovers, analyzes and reports weaknesses and leaks in websites.

  • Ares

    Phishing campaign and monitoring tool for red teaming, pen tests and awareness training.

  • OSINT service

    Delivers threat intel to detect security threats, attackers, malware and other vulnerabilities.


Big Data

Analysis of past and present cyberattacks teaches our tools to keep improving for what's to come. Your company’s technology will be safe and future-ready.

  • Marija

    Big data visualization and exploration tool that helps you find answers in an overload of information.

  • Black-hat intelligence

    We log, analyze and learn from data in attacks, our tools and the dark web to proactively build stronger defenses for you.

  • Open source projects

    We share our knowledge to improve the overall security field. In return we get to learn from a passionate and skilled community.

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