We build technology to create real impact while harden-tested against real-world problems.

We empower our clients to become ahead of the game and impactful.

Active Defense, Active Deception or to even Hunt for the Unknown.

About us

Our story

IMPACT - We live in a world of expanding amounts of data, increasingly complex technology and continuous data sharing.
Enhanced cyber and national security approaches will become more important day by day.

What if we could stop (cyber)attacks before they can harm you, your business or your clients? Catch terrorists, spies and criminals who abuse the digital space?

DutchSec focuses on providing next-gen context-driven security tooling to empower your organization to better manage your digital risks, threats and ... much more.

SOCIAL IMPACT – We believe in people and have uniquely build our business and team by recognizing human super skills as a core strategic asset to be impactful.

Super skills among our employees diagnosed within the autism spectrum and even broader than this. We proclaim super skills simply add more creativity and different (many times richer) perspectives on problem solving towards the important mission we stand for. At least half of our team can be called super-people and we are strong ambassadors to convince the rest of the world and businesses to incorporate this many times underestimated super value as a key strategic asset.



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    “We can only push boundaries
    if we share knowledge.”

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    Remco Verhoef
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    Sander Swinkels